My favorite three sex toys

By / October 9, 2016

I love going on holiday with my boyfriend or girlfriends from London escorts. But as they all know, there are few things that I would never leave home without. My girls at London escorts are also bisexual so they can understand why I am kind of hooked on sex toys, but my boyfriend thinks that I am a bit nuts. He is always worried about us being stopped and searched at an airport, so he does not want me to bring my sex toys. However he should know better after having been together for two years. I do love my sex toys!

One if the girls at London escorts introduced me to love eggs. You may not think that they are that exciting, but in recent years, love eggs have come along way. These days you can even buy remote control love eggs and that is the kind that I have got. A few of the girls at the London escorts that I work for have invested in them, and we are kind of nuts about our love eggs. As a matter of fact, I have a couple in my collection now.

Also, I am still nuts about my vibrator. You can buy vibrators here on a lot of different websites these days, and even the discount site Groupon sell them. Most of the girls at London escorts buy their sex toys on a particular Internet site, and they all say that they really think this Cheap escorts in London site is fantastic. Out of all of the sex toys that I have, I think that my vibrators are my most popular toys. Like I say to my friends at London escorts, you can use them to stimulate boyfriend with as well. I love doing that, and I know he gets a kick out of it.

The other thing that I always bring with me on holiday, is my butt plug. I actually met my boyfriend when doing a DP, and I love that sort of thing. Before I started to swing, I was not really that much into butt plugs, but I do know that they can give you fantastic orgasms. These days I use them a lot, and many of the girls at London escorts say that they have helped as well. As a matter of fact, I think that the humble butt plug is quickly becoming one of the most popular sex toys.

Sex toys are changing all of the time, and I think that we will see more and more remote control sex toys. They are a bit more expensive to invest in initially, but I know that they are popular with my colleagues at London escorts. The girls who have boyfriend who work away from home say that they can really make a difference when you want to pleasure you partner from a far. Also, some of the girls at cheap escorts in London work as web cam girls, and I know that some of them have taken to using remote control sex toys. Most of the time, the person on the other side can just down load the app free of charge.…

Best foreplay ever with Cheap escorts

By / September 25, 2016

Why is foreplay so important? Foreplay is important because it warms us up and gets us going. Many of the girls at London escorts say that they enjoy foreplay just as much as they enjoy the actual penetration, and that is probably true for most women. Foreplay is suppose to be a sensual act, and not just a matter of checking if somebody is ready to go. If you do foreplay well enough, you don’t need to worry about that at all, say 9/10 London escorts.

The art of foreplay has not always existed and once women used to be more sex objects than sensual persons. Of course, that meant that women did not really enjoy sex at all, and perhaps this is what gave some men such a bad name, and led to the quickie. For cheap escorts, the day of the quickie is long gone, and they make sure that they get a true sensual experience. And like many of the girls at cheap escorts say, foreplay should be a pleasure for men as well.

How do your enjoy the art of foreplay? The art of foreplays tarts long before you hit the bedroom. It starts when you first kiss somebody and caress them. There is not point in rushing a girl from London escorts. She is far more likely to turn around and say that you are not the lover for her if you try to rush matters. If you truly want to seduce your new found friend from cheap escorts, you take it slow and turn the pleasure of foreplay into a true sensual experience for both body and soul.

If a woman does not get the kind of foreplay that she wants, she may seem distant during sex. It is true, women do have the ability to go somewhere different in their mind if their partner does not turn them on. That is true for the girls at the elite cheap escorts agency, and this is why you should make sure that you pay attention to your friend from London escorts. She may not be ready to go the moment she comes off the night shift, so it is much better to take things slow and seduce her step by step.

Maybe you should consider pouring your girl a glass of champagne when she comes in through the door. Put those tired feet on your lap and gentle remove her stilettos. While she sips that champagne start to kiss her from head to toe, and let her body slowly come alive. Catch her breath, and start breathing in tune with her. Once you have achieved that, you will find that your bodies will slowly synch up. You will feel that you are slowly drifting towards each other, and when you finally become one, the climax and feeling of passion will be overwhelming. That is the final result of well performed foreplay. You will know when you have got it just right as the welcome you receive will be the best you ever had.…

Amazing Foreplay Tips

By / August 19, 2016

Before two adults actually engage in sex, they typically go through an erotic and sensual foreplay routine. This can involve a variety of different things to increase their levels of arousal before going all the way – it is all about getting in the mood. Here are a few foreplay ideas that can help to make sex that little bit better than it usually is for you.

Start by setting an erotic scene. Dim the lights and perhaps light some candles, and maybe put some on porn to get the two of you up to speed – you could enjoy some mutual masturbation at this point, before you start performing acts on each other. It’s really about what works for you, and as long as you can use this period to either get hard or wet, then you are doing the right thing.

After this, it is time for the pair of you to start performing oral sex on each other. Any man should be well trained in licking out his partner. You could get her to lay down and spread her legs so you can go to work, or if you want to make things kinkier, she could sit on his face and get him to pleasure her that way – the benefit of doing this is that she has easy access to his cock to make him rock hard too.

Once the lady has been pleased, she should really go to work on his cock. Start by giving a sensual handjob and once things are going well, begin sucking on the end of his cock, all the while stroking it and fondling his balls. If you really want to up things between you, she could slide down further and slip a finger in his ass in an effort to find his male G-spot and massage his prostate. This sort of activity is really going to get him going.

Around 15 minutes of such play should get you both appropriately worked up for the next step. If things are taking a bit longer, then feel free to take as much time as you need. Maybe you could watch some porn or try a few different oral positions. The 69 is a great choice as it allows her to suck his cock while he licks her pussy at the same time. Experiment with these positions and find out what the two of you enjoy most.

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