Amazing Foreplay Tips

By / August 19, 2016

Before two adults actually engage in sex, they typically go through an erotic and sensual foreplay routine. This can involve a variety of different things to increase their levels of arousal before going all the way – it is all about getting in the mood. Here are a few foreplay ideas that can help to make sex that little bit better than it usually is for you.

Start by setting an erotic scene. Dim the lights and perhaps light some candles, and maybe put some on porn to get the two of you up to speed – you could enjoy some mutual masturbation at this point, before you start performing acts on each other. It’s really about what works for you, and as long as you can use this period to either get hard or wet, then you are doing the right thing.

After this, it is time for the pair of you to start performing oral sex on each other. Any man should be well trained in licking out his partner. You could get her to lay down and spread her legs so you can go to work, or if you want to make things kinkier, she could sit on his face and get him to pleasure her that way – the benefit of doing this is that she has easy access to his cock to make him rock hard too.

Once the lady has been pleased, she should really go to work on his cock. Start by giving a sensual handjob and once things are going well, begin sucking on the end of his cock, all the while stroking it and fondling his balls. If you really want to up things between you, she could slide down further and slip a finger in his ass in an effort to find his male G-spot and massage his prostate. This sort of activity is really going to get him going.

Around 15 minutes of such play should get you both appropriately worked up for the next step. If things are taking a bit longer, then feel free to take as much time as you need. Maybe you could watch some porn or try a few different oral positions. The 69 is a great choice as it allows her to suck his cock while he licks her pussy at the same time. Experiment with these positions and find out what the two of you enjoy most.

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