How can you best boost your energy levels after Holiday?

Most years when Holiday is over, I feel really tired and when I go into Windsor escorts, it feels like I have no energy levels at all. Some nights I totally hit rock bottom and just want to go to sleep. I don’t know if it has to do with the weather, or that I have just eaten the wrong foods during Holiday.
Like most of the other girls at Windsor escorts from, I go home to see mom and dad during Holiday. I love seeing my family, but my mom is also a great cook and I end up eating the wrong foods. She always makes her own mince pies and Holiday cake, and I have never really learned how to resist all of her good cooking. If I could, I think that my energy levels would be a lot better.
When I get back to Windsor escorts, one of the first things I do is to dejunk my food cupboards. I chuck out any junk food which is left, and I only buy foods which are good for me. Most of them are vegan based foods as I find this is the best to increase your energy levels quickly. Lots of frozen berries are always on the menu, and I find that they can really help when it comes to increasing my energy levels.
Do supplements help? There are some supplements which can help you. I take vitamin B all of the time to boost my energy levels, but during the winter I like to add other things to my routine. For instance vitamin C is great when it comes to reducing the risk of colds and flus, and I always take an echinacea supplement during January and February. It is easy to pick up viruses when you date a lot at Windsor escorts. To avoid them, I take supplements and at the same time, I dose up on lots of healthy fruit juices in the morning. There is nothing like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice to increase your natural energy levels. I know you may be spending a little bit of extra money on your diet, but in general, I think that is better than getting sick during this time of the year, or losing your energy.
Exercise is another factor that I think is really important. I am not great at it, but I do enjoy walking and I try to spend a lot of time outside during January and February. It is hard during the week, but I always take time of during the weekend, so I spend most of the weekend outside walking or riding my bike. It is also puts some color into my cheeks and that does me good when I work the night shift at Wimbledon escorts. You really do need to focus a little on yourself if you are going to keep up with those interesting gents you are expected to date at the escort agency in Wimbledon.

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